What we serve

a few words about us

Works on Paper provides professional, museum-quality conservation services for artistic and historic works on paper. We offer a full range of conservation treatments for a wide variety of paper-based objects for both institutional and private clients.
Library Accessories is fully equipped to provide a complete range of professional conservation treatments. Our best quality conversion materials offer a range of options for the investigation and documentation of objects brought to us for conservation. In addition to a large stainless steel sink, a drying rack, a number of flattening presses and tables, and drying boards, we also have a full complement of specialized paper conservation equipment. This includes suction platens, filtered vacuums, and an artificial light bleaching unit. Our studio is climate controlled and equipped with a centrally-monitored security system. In addition, its large size allows us to handle large collections at one time and to treat a wide variety of oversized objects.
Mr. Pallab Rakshit, owner and head conservator, has more than ten years of experience in the paper conservation field.

Why Library Accessories ?

No minimums - we will bind just one book if needed.

Entirely new cover in your choice of cover material with hot foil embossing - possibly the most durable option if buckram is chosen.

Color copy cover is an option where we take a color copy of the existing cover, laminate it and then use that sheet to cover the new hard cover.

Restore old cover - If you want the old cover restored, there are a number of options available which can be discussed once we learn of the shape of the cover and exactly what you are looking for. Feel free to contact us with specifics if you are interested in this option.

Full Restoration - We often work on old gothic bibles, plat maps or other ornate books. The pages are brought back together and the cover reassembled and refinished where necessary while keeping as much of the original book's structure in place.

Trimming is available if you would like the old pages trimmed slightly to remove old dirt and marks. You may also choose to leave the pages as they are if there are poor margins or if you just prefer its original look.

Hot foil stamping is available anywhere on the cover, so you can put whatever you desire on it. This could include the original title and author, your name or even a new title to actually describe the books use - you decide it, we print it!